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The success of a national weight management program has been highlighted in a study in the journal Obesity. The 12-week NHS Digital Weight Management Program gives diet, exercise and lifestyle advice via a phone app or online, to patients referred by their GP with a high BMI plus hypertension, diabetes or both.

The 32,000 people who finished the program in the first year saw an average weight loss of 2.2 kilos (5lbs); with those who attended more (at least 60%) of the program losing an average of 3.9 kilos (8.5lbs).
Senior author of the study, Imperial College London’s Professor Jonathan Valabhji, also established the program in his former role as NHS England’s National Clinical Director for Diabetes and Obesity.
He said, “The key is that it was made more accessible to patients in their daily lives. It’s rewarding and encouraging to see the difference it is making.”

More information:
Katharine Taylor et al, Early outcomes of referrals to the English National Health Service Digital Weight Management Programme, Obesity (2024). DOI: 10.1002/oby.24024

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Imperial College London

New study shows NHS digital weight management program is effective at achieving clinically meaningful weight loss (2024, May 3)
retrieved 3 May 2024

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